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Sades Armor Gaming Headset

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Model: 13220
Brand: Sades
Sades Armor Gaming HeadsetThe SADES Armor Gaming Headset is a fully pa.... View More
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Sades Armor Gaming Headset

The SADES Armor Gaming Headset is a fully packed lightweight headset equipped with High Definition Realtek gaming audio, rich RGB lighting effects, a flexible microphone and big leather ear muffs that provide an extreme noise-cancellation function. Tuned by SADES and Realtek, the SADES Armor headset features Realtek Gaming Audio. There are 4 Realtek effects available, which help to provide a broader sound field, superior dialogue clarity and also help to recover missing audio detail and normalizes the sound which allows for greater in game immersion with an all-round better listening experience. With 7.1 surround sound game immersion is further improved and allows users to accurately hear where enemies or other players are in game. Lightweight Design The SADES Armor uses an elastic suspension headband and weighs in at only 260 grams for comfortable wear Lighting Design Full RGB lighting pulses on the ear cups which not only looks cool, but makes finding your headset in dark environments much easier. Convenient Controls With in-line volume adjustment an audio/microphone mute button and RGB lighting switch the Armor headset is as user friendly as can be.

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