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Hypnotek Dudu Mirror

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Model: 10689
Brand: Hypnotek
Hypnotek Dudu Mirror Touch buttons on the mirror to control the lighti.... View More
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Hypnotek Dudu Mirror 

Touch buttons on the mirror to control the lighting: a button to control the light on / off and the degree of brightness (press and hold to adjust the brightness) - a button to control the color of the light (3 colors) To turn on the humidifier: Fill the water tank and hold the start button, mist will start to come out of the hole, press and hold the button to turn off the humidifier. The humidifier will turn off automatically if it is not used for more than an hour to save energy. If using for the first time, wait a few minutes for the water mist to come out. The light works for 2 hours continuously before needing to be recharged. Small magnifying mirror included with the large mirror. Included with the box is a cloth to clean the mirror when needed. USB cable to charge the battery via the charging port behind the base.

Battery: Lithium 1800 mAh

Luminous degree: 3500K

Voltage: 5V, 2A - Micro USB input

Dimensions: 190mm * 97mm * 310mm

Color: rose gold

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