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Hypnotek Desk Lamp C1 - White

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Model: 10681
Brand: Hypnotek
Hypnotek Desk Lamp C1 - WhiteHypnotek table lamp with premium lighting.... View More
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Hypnotek Desk Lamp C1 - White

Hypnotek table lamp with premium lighting helps to work or study more comfortably and efficiently, also equipped with a fast wireless charging base of 15 watts to the USB port for wired charging. It also provides the option to customize the color tone and brightness of the light. A useful and elegant lamp at the same time.

Light intensity: 900 lumen

6 watt LED lighting

Lighting life: 35000 hours

Voltage: 12 volts == 2.5 amps

Operating temperature: 10-40°C

15W Wireless Charger + 1A 5W USB Charging Port

Dimensions: 430mm*160mm*100mm

Material: Aluminum + ABS

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