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Hypnotek Car Cup Holder

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Model: 10686
Brand: Hypnotek
Hypnotek Car Cup Holder A car cup holder that works to cool and heat l.... View More
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Hypnotek Car Cup Holder 

A car cup holder that works to cool and heat liquids by placing a cup or flask in the top slot. To operate, connect the supplied plug to the car lighter socket and the other end to the power outlet at the top of the stand. To cool down, press the cool button (ice icon) and for heating, press the warm up button (wavy lines icon). You can get the desired result within 30 minutes Only works with 12V power supply.

Voltage: 12V - 3A

Wattage: 37 Watt

Dimensions: 109 * 109 * 192 mm

black color


Do not touch the inside of the cup holder when it is hot

Do not use heat with soft drinks

It is recommended to use metal cans for best result.

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