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Ecoflow Smart Generator 1800W- Black

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Model: 14080
Ecoflow Smart Generator 1800W- BlackEcoFlow Smart Generator Unleaded G.... View More
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Ecoflow Smart Generator 1800W- Black

EcoFlow Smart Generator Unleaded Gasoline 4L Inverter Generator Integrates With Delta Pro and Delta Max,1800W AC Output for Outdoor Camping, Home Backup,Emergency,RV,off-Grid With the Ecoflow Smart Generator you can make your Ecoflow battery system even more complete. This smart generator can be connected to your Delta Pro or Delta Max, but it is also possible to use the petrol generator alone. When the Smart Generator is connected to the Delta Pro/Max, the Smart Generator will start automatically when your Delta Pro/Max is almost empty. The motor will stop automatically when the Delta Pro or Max is fully charged. One full tank has a capacity of 5.4 kWh. This ensures maximum use of your power station and minimum use of your generator.

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