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Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker with Wireless Charger - Black

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Model: 11094
Brand: Belkin
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Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE Hi-Fi Smart Speaker with Wireless Charger - Black

SoundForm Elite has been created in partnership with sound pioneers Devialet to deliver high-fidelity sound for an impactful audio experience. We combined their extraordinary acoustic architecture with fast wireless charging and award-winning design to create a high-performing smart speaker for your home. SoundForm Elite with the Google Assistant allows you to play and control your music while experiencing stunning, room-filling sound throughout your home. ACOUSTICS BY DEVIALET Founded in 2007, Devialet is one of the world’s most critically acclaimed companies for innovation in sound technology. Devialet’s success is built upon a series of radical innovations embedded in all Devialet products, which include the Expert Pro amplifiers, connected Phantom Premier speakers, and the Phantom Reactor. Ever since 2017, Devialet has also worked with selected Partners to bring breakthrough licensing products to life, merging some of the brand’s core audio technologies with the best-in-class solutions brought by each counterpart. HIGH-FIDELITY SOUND Your favorite artists work hard in the studio to get that mix just right. With the right technologies, you can appreciate the power and subtlety of every track, thanks to full-resonant bass and crystal-clear mixes. The result is high-fidelity sound that delivers an emotional experience. SPEAKER ACTIVE MATCHING TECHNOLOGY BY DEVIALET Feel the full resonant bass with crystal-clear detail at any volume. Devialet’s patented Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology makes high fidelity sound reproduction possible in any size factor. DEVIALET’S “PUSH-PUSH” WOOFER ARCHITECTURE Devialet’s signature "Push-Push" dual woofer configuration cancels vibrations while ensuring a deep, impactful sound experience with truly powerful bass. FAST WIRELESS CHARGING The thoughtfully designed charging cradle holds your smartphone securely, for fast, convenient wireless charging up to 10-watts. Vibration-cancelling technology in the speaker ensures your device charges steadily without interruption.

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