About Us

Welcome to you telefonati.com – Is the largest e-commerce website the Middle East’s online marketplace. Telefonati is the Trademark of Sadad Mobile Co. It has more than (100000) products from various categories including mobile devices, electronics, household products, watches, etc.

Today, Telefonati Store attracts more than 20,000 visitors a month, and is growing very fast because of the increasing number of online shoppers in the Arab world.

Telefonati Store acts as a retail location as well as a third-party vendor market. telefonati offers a convenient and secure shopping experience with online payment, cash on delivery and free return.

Telefonati  was established in 0000 and was a pioneer in online shopping in the region as an auction site.

We connect people and products – opening up a world of possibility. From bracelets and backpacks to tablets and toy cars – we give you access to everything you need and want. Our range is unparalleled, and our prices unbeatable.

Our motto may have evolved over the years, but our priority has not changed

Driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power directly in your hands – giving you the freedom to shop however, whenever and wherever you like.

We’re trusted by millions, because we don’t just deliver to your doorstep, we were born here. With Telefonati you’ll always be getting a good deal – with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible.

Telefonati is the second largest phone companies and their accessories inside Kuwait. Find the Best Offer at Telefonati Online Store. 

Telefonati is the trademark of Sadad, was established in 2014 in Kuwait and it is a specialized company in selling sophisticated mobile products and accessories, and owns 30 branches spread all over Kuwait, in 2015 we signed an exclusive contract with «Trolley» at most petrol stations which we have 21 branches inside and 5 branches inside cooperative societies, all of them work 24 hours in addition to 3 major exhibitions operating 18 hours.

Quality: We Provide the best quality products for mobile accessories.  

Excellence: Exceeding expectation in all that we do both as a team and through individuals. 

Value proposition:

The Telefonati Store aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for shoppers throughout the GCC Region with the widest range of brands and products.

The brand is making a conscious effort to bring shoppers strength with the latest range of products available

AIM : Since the establishment of Telefonati, the company has been keen to change the traditional way of traditional selling and marketing and to reach customers in a new and sophisticated way by offering products in a new way.