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    Conditions of Use

    Return and Replace Policy.

    The product can be returned and replaced within 14 days from the date of purchase if not used and should be with the original box of the product.
    The Invoice is the warranty card and should be submitted upon each request for return, replacement or examination.

    For the return and replacement request the customer should bring the product to our store for validation before replacing or returning the item.

    REMINDER: For Return and Refund Request Buyer will pay 1KD for the Return and Refund Delivery Request. For Knet Refund this will take 24hrs for our validation of knet payment before you will recieve the refund. 


    Warranty includes manufacturing defects only, and does not include malfunctions caused by misuse. 

    The Warranty shall be borne by the product agent for the period specified by him. 

    If the product is replaced, the warranty will continue from the date of purchase, not from the date of replacement.

    Devices Warranty

    The device should be free from scratches and malfunctions caused by misuse. 

    The original box should be brought with all it’s contents 

    The warranty includes only all electronic circuits.

    Maintenance Center

    Customer shall bring the product to our maintenance center for examination, maintenance or to validate the product if its possible for replacement. 

    Customer should bring the original invoice, in case of loss the warranty will fail.

    The product shall not be delivered to the customer after examination.

    The product shall not be delivered to the customer after examination unless he has the delivery receipt. 

    Maintenance center will not be responsible for products if the customer does not receive them within 30 days from the date of examination.